MEP general information

Master End Project: in short

  • 42 ECTS (i.e., ~7-8 months full time).
  • All approved groups are on the green list.
  • Consists of literature study, research work, thesis writing, and final presentation and defense.


To start your MEP, you should have completed at least 35 ECTS of Nanobiology MSc courses; this can include your electives. Moreover, you have to complete both Project Development courses (NB4510 and NB4520) before starting your MEP. Between your broadening research project and your MEP, at least one should be completed within a research group included on the green list.


Best practices

  • Do not only consider the content of the project, but also the overall environment of the lab. It is important that you feel safe to ask questions. It may help to discuss with multiple supervisors before choosing a project.
  • You might have a preference in supervision: would you like to have frequent meetings or do you prefer to discuss more infrequently? Think about this before discussing with your potential supervisors.
  • When discussing potential MEPs, also think of practical issues such as lab space, resources, lab activities, etc. that might aid you during the process.
  • To pick a group, it might help to look into the places where graduates of that specific group ended up. Do you see yourself going a similar route?
  • Hand in the MEP application form before starting your MEP. This may help catch potential issues in an early stage. Your supervisor should sign it and you can send it to afterwards.
  • If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask! Your supervisor should be your first point of contact, but you can always contact our academic counsellor Tanja Hilkhuijsen if you need additional support.
  • To alleviate the writing stage, it can ben helpful to write sections of your MEP as you are going through the process.


Project Development course (NB4510 and NB4520)

Are you a new MSc Nanobiology student?

Then we look forward to seeing you at the Project Development Course!

This course is compulsory and carries a weight of 10 ECTS, scheduled to run in the third and fourth quarters of 2023/24. Throughout this course, we will provide you with essential (soft) skills to ensure your preparedness for the commencement of your MEP, enabling you to maximize your research-focused time effectively. At the MEP event, we will provide you with more information and answer your questions.

IMPORTANT: Start looking for your potential MEP supervisors early so that you can make the most of this course. It is required that you have a potential MEP supervisor already by 11th February, 2024.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your course coordinators:

Hannes Lans,

Robert-Jan Palstra,

Shringar Rao,