Capgemini Workshop + In-house Visit (May 23rd)

On May 23rd we are invited to the headquarters of Capgemini in Utrecht for an in-house visit and workshop.

Capgemini is a global consultancy agency, offering consultancy, technology services and digital transformations to partners all over the world. Together with their Insight & Data department we will do a workshop where we will work together on common cases in their industry, and thereby get an insight into the type of work we can do at Capgemini and data consultancy in general. Ready to see how you can use your skills in Data Consultancy and Analysis? Join the in-house visit and workshop!
Disclaimer: At Capgemini Netherlands primarily Dutch-speaking people are hired, as they have to interact with clients in the Netherlands and often have to use the Dutch language. The workshop can still be given in English, so you can still get a feel for the type of work cunsultancy is.

The visit will start at 15:00 in Utrecht, so we will leave Delft by public transport around 13:30. We will first get a tour around the offices, then do a workshop together about Data Consultancy and Analysis, until around 17:00. We will finish the visit with free drinks with people working at Capgemini, so you can connect and get to know their employees!

Sign up here for the visit: