Job Offers

On this page job offers for master end projects, internships and starting positions in the Nanobiology field will be published.

2 vacancies for PhD students on the radiobiology of radionuclide therapy at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam 

The Nonnekens lab is recruiting 2 PhD students working on the radiobiology of radionuclide therapy. In this preclinical research project, in vitro and in vivo experiments will be performed to identify and quantify specific radiobiological mechanisms of radionuclide therapy-radiation effects. Project 1 will focus on (intra)cellular behavior and techniques will include cell culture, molecular biology, (live cell) fluorescent microscopy and (deep learning) image processing. Project 2 includes experimental animal work and will focus on intratumoral behavior and techniques will include intravital microscopy, nuclear imaging, immunohistochemistry, molecular biology and (deep learning) image processing. Together, the projects will generate 2D and 3D radiobiological data that will be implemented in newly developed dosimetric models. Check out the full vacancy here. The projects can start anytime in 2022. For questions, contact Jesse via


Intrigued about how multiple ribosomes may cooperate?

The TansLab@AMOLF Amsterdam is recruiting several PhD’s and Postdocs to study this emerging question with novel single-molecule approaches. Working with the Bukau lab (Heidelberg – sequencing) and the Ban lab (ETH Zurich – cryo-EM) the aim is to provide insights from the cellular to the atomic level, from in vivo to in vitro, from genome-wide patterns to molecular mechanisms, and from bacteria to human cells. Interested? Apply, just drop us a line (, or check out: and