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PhD position
Leiden University
Posted: 30-04-2024
Application deadline: –

The progressive accumulation of proteins into ordered, amyloid-type aggregates is a shared characteristic of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. As regulators of protein folding states, molecular chaperones are uniquely placed to interfere in the formation and aid the clearance of such aggregate deposits. To unravel the potentially pivotal role of molecular chaperones in disease, we aim to build a mechanistic understanding of the role of the Hsp70 chaperone machinery in the formation, clearance, and propagation of amyloid fibrils and the key role of co-chaperones in enabling such diverse Hsp70 activities.

The PhD candidate will carry out research leading to a PhD degree using either structural biology and biochemistry techniques to characterise the functional Hsp70 complexes in vitro, or identify novel Hsp70 complexes and characterise their properties in human cell culture. The PhD candidate(s) must be flexible and communicative and able to work in biochemistry and biophysical or cell biology labs and possess excellent numerical skills.

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Working student vacancy
NextHuman AI Consulting
Posted: 30-04-2024
Application deadline: –

Are you looking for a challenging work experience? At NextHuman we have an opportunity for you! As a working student, you will join a dynamic eam helping organisations with important social functions to manifest and scale up AI, whilst determining the course of how AI will be used in our society. At NextHuman you contribute to building our fast-growing company and support our team in various operational tasks and projects, where you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of AI. View the vacancy here: