Board 10

The tenth board of S.V.N.B. Hooke of the academic year 2023/2024 consists of the people listed below. They will work hard for one year to bring the association to the next level. Social, educational, and career orientated activities are organised by committees for all Nanobiology students. From lunch lectures to drinks and a multiple day excursion, S.V.N.B. Hooke is the perfect place for a Nanobiology student to develop itself in different fields. As a young association, there is still much to discover and there is a lot of space for new traditions. Do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our board office (room C0.010 in the Applied Sciences building on the TU Delft campus) if you have a good idea or if you have something else to share.





From left to right: Anoek Gildemacher, Mirre Rozeboom, Freke de Munk, Hester Zoet, Lisa Warners

Functions for the academic year 2023/2024

President: Freke de Munk (

Secretary: Mirre Rozeboom (

Treasurer: Hester Zoet (

Commissioner of External Affairs: Anoek Gildemacher (

Commissioner of Education: Lisa Warners (

Function and portfolios

President - Freke de Munk

My tasks as the President involve preparing and leading our board meetings, General Members Assemblies and meetings with the advisory council. I also meet with our programme directors and coordinators once every two weeks, to provide the student perspective in their meetings.

During exam weeks, I go on coffee talks with every board member to check in how they’re doing. In addition, I plan policy and activity evaluation sessions as well as feedback sessions to reflect on our individual and collective functioning.

Apart from my president tasks, I’m also responsible for three portfolios. Together with Lisa, we maintain and try to improve our presence within the Erasmus MC and the TU Delft, both with study associations as well as for example the faculty deans or educational departments. We’re also responsible for ensuring that we’re on track regarding the goals in Hooke’s Multiple Year Plan, a document containing the long term vision of our association. Lastly, I’m responsible for the maintenance of this website.

Feel free to contact me any time in case you have questions or input regarding the points I describe above!

Secretary - Mirre Rozeboom

As a Secretary I am responsible for the internal and external communication. This means that I am the contact for Hooke members, other study associations and individuals. So, if you ever call to the hub I will be the one answering. I also try to make the life of my board members easier by managing the boards agenda and mailbox. Furthermore, I make the member mail in which we for example look back on what happened within Hooke the last month. If you ever have any suggestions for the member mail don’t hesitate to let me know! Lastly, as a secretary one of my main tasks is, of course, taking minutes during board meetings, general members assembly’s and advisory council meetings.

Besides my task as Secretary I also have two portfolios which are House style and lustrum. With the portfolio of House Style I am responsible for all of Hooke’s promotion. Hester and I work together to prepare for the Lustrum next year. This includes, among other things, being the QQ the lustrum committee but also thinking about the tasks of the extra board member next year.


Treasurer - Hester Zoet

As the Treasurer, I am busy with the bookkeeping of the whole association. With this, I make sure that every cent that goes out, also comes back in. A big part of this is also done by Anoek through acquisition <3, but a big part is of course also asked from our members. That is why I send some of you my beautiful invoice mail every month, which also works as a distraction from the fact that money will be subtracted from your bank account. I must say that maybe the most fun part of my job is to make sure the snacks are refilled and charged, so don’t hesitate to come get them at our hub!

Commissioner of External Affairs - Anoek Gildemacher

As the Commissioner of External Affairs, I am constantly looking for new connections. I am in contact with all sorts of external parties, such as companies, foundations and funds. I will be looking into job opportunities and helping to better understand career paths available to us as Nanobiologists. This will partially be done introducing various companies to Nanobiology students through various activities and events. Whilst doing this I will be responsible for acquisition. You can always contact me if you are for example looking for an internship (, and will see me present at the many career related events!

Commissioner of Education - Lisa Warners

As Commissioner of Education, I essentially form the link between the faculty and the students. I am responsible for the evaluation of courses and student feedback, and I will also be talking to the teachers to get all perspectives. Moreover, I am involved in more structural changes of the bachelor and master, which are on a larger scale than individual course feedback can capture. Finally, I will make sure that students can buy study books (with a discount!) and lab equipment.

Next to my function, I am involved in three portfolios. Together with Freke, I oversee the Multiple Year Plan, which allows S.V.N.B. Hooke to grow and develop into a fully mature association. We also maintain our presence in the Erasmus MC and we make sure that we stay up to date with all ins and outs over in Rotterdam. Finally, Hester, Anoek and I form the Council of External Affairs: we call companies and try to form new connections.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding your courses, please contact me via or come find me at the hub!