HOX family day 2024 – Registration form

Hi there lovely nano!

On Saturday June 15th, the annual Nanobiology Family Day organized by HOX 6 will take place on the faculty of Applied Sciences on the TU Delft. On this beautiful day you finally get the chance to show your parents, family and friends the wonders of Nanobiology and our faculty.

Experience a day filled with captivating talks, hands-on experiments and exciting tours led by esteemed faculty members and us. Bring your curiosity, bring your enthusiasm, and most importantly, bring your parents, family and friends. Let’s make this HOX unforgettable!

The costs for this day will be 6 euros for Nanobiology students and 10 euros for relatives or friends. This includes a goodie bag, lunch and drinks afterwards!

You will receive an informative mail one week before the event. If you would like to invite more than three relatives and friends, or if you already have any questions regarding the sign up, the event itself or other issues, please mail us at thesaurier-hooke@tudelft.nl.


Please fill in the personal information of your guests.

The lunch will be provided and vegetarian. Vegan options are also available, please indicate this or other preferences below.

Total (incl. €0,35 transaction costs and €6,00 for your own registration): € -