Planet A Foods Lunch Lecture (Green Week)


On Monday 29th of April we, together with S.V. LIFE, will welcome Planet A Foods for a lunch lecture in the Beijerinck Hall!

A little bit about what they do:

Planet A Foods, a Munich-based startup founded in 2021 by siblings Max and Sara Marquart, is on a mission to revolutionize the confectionery industry with ChoViva, our sustainable cocoa alternative. Our goal is to become an industry leader like Cargill, ADM, or Bunge, while providing sustainable ingredients that address the environmental and ethical challenges in chocolate production. Following the success of ChoViva Concentrate, our first market introduction in 2023, we’re now focusing on ChoViva Butter, a sustainable cocoa butter alternative poised to transform the confectionery sector. This product is crafted through precision fermentation of industrial byproducts, leveraging our proprietary yeast strains in a process grounded in our Lipid-Technology Platform.
ChoViva Butter is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability, outstanding quality, and affordability. It expertly replicates the characteristics of cocoa butter, with similar fatty acids, TAG profiles, and melting properties. Significantly, it is poised to be 40% more cost-effective than traditional cocoa butter, offering chocolate manufacturers a compelling, sustainable option. With a mere 0.03% water waste and a 91.7% reduction in CO2 emissions from minimized land use, ChoViva Butter is setting a new standard in environmental responsibility while providing a viable, cost-efficient alternative for the industry.


While listening to their interesting talk, you can enjoy a free lunch! Don’t miss out!