Single Molecule Imaging lab

Department                           Imaging Physics

Principal investigator          Hylkje Geertsema

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Lamin network in human cells visualized with super-resolution

To keep our body healthy, cells continuously adjust to stress responses, such as DNA damage, nutrient deficiency and mechanical stress. Recently, the lamin family of cytoskeletal proteins have emerged as a key regulator of cell response to intrinsic and environmental stimuli. Lamins form a fibrous meshwork underlying the inner nuclear membrane. And we are interested in how this protein meshwork looks like and responds at the molecular level within the living cell. We use advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques to visualize those protein structures to get a very accurate peek inside human cells. Those techniques comprise DNA-PAINT, expansion microscopy and live cell imaging. So if are you looking for a diverse, multidisciplinary project… then we are happy to hear from you!


  • Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
  • Human cell culture
  • Live cell imaging
  • Gene-editing
  • Image and cluster analysis
  • Expansion microscopy

Further reading

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