Formorrow Workshop System Overload

Wednesday the 14th of June we will have a Workshop by Formorrow! ‘System Overload, what to do with too many choices?’

When you start working in bioinformatics or in life sciences the possibilities are endless. Online you can find a lot of job opportunities. With each one with better conditions than the other. Having so many options makes it very hard to choose. How do you find the job that fits the best? Too many options can lead to stress that will limit your decision process: Choice overload!

In this workshop, Formorrow will show you how to battle stress overload. How to filter out the bad opportunities and find the one that fits you the best. Not just when looking for a job, but also when you have to deal with stress overload in other choices in life.
By sharing your dilemmas, combined with exercises and explanation of the underlying theories, you will gain insight in the process of decision making.

See you the 14th of June



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