Contribute to the lustrum year

Next year, Hooke will celebrate her tenth birthday and thereby her second lustrum! To celebrate this special milestone the lustrum committee, LUCA, will organise a lot of fun activities. But besides that, there are a lot of things that can make the lustrum year even more spectacular. Examples of this are a lustrumbook or lustrum music. In this form we would like to see how much interest there is to work on these things so we can look into setting up groups to realise them. Below we will explain more about the dsDNA (lustrumbook committee) and the lustrum music, but if you have any other ideas about what would be cool to work on for the lustrum you can also indicate this in the form below.

dsDNA (lustrumbook)

Five years ago, dsDNA was set up to make the first lustrum book of Hooke. They worked very hard and made a beautiful book of more than 200 pages! This includes contributions from the mayor and other study associations, all committees, friends pages and a lot more. You can always come by the hub to see what it looks like. As it is quite a lot of work to make a lustrum book we would like to set up a committee for it that will work on it during the whole lustrum year.

Lustrum music

During the first lustrum there was also a group of people that made some songs. Follow this link to see their songs on YouTube. If you indicate interest to work on some music for the lustrum we can see if we can start a group that can for example write one or multiple songs connected to the lustrum theme. What the actual outcome will be is up to you!