Committee Thank You Activity 03-04

Hi there beautiful committee member!

Each year the board organises something to thank her committee members (A.K.A. you!) for their work, enthusiasm and energy that they put into their committee. Without our committee members there would be no committees, and our association would be so empty. So thank you for being part of S.V.N.B. Hooke!

To thank you properly, we have organised several things for you. There will be both an activity and a gift for all committee members, completely free!

Committee Thank You Activity
April 3
19:30 – 21:30
Parkhaven 13 Rotterdam (Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam)


As a thank-you we will be dining on the Pannenkoekenboot (pancake boat yeah), whilst enjoying the beautiful view of Rotterdam from the water! We will come together to eat some delicious pancakes, chat with eachother and share fun experiences, all while the boat is sailing us up and down the Maas. You get dinner, dessert and two drinks for free! The Pannenkoekenboot also has vegan pancakes, so no worries about this. This activity will take place on April 3rd. The boat departs from Parkhaven 13 at 19:30, and will come back at 21:30. Make sure to sign up below before April 1st to enjoy this activity!


Committee Thank You Gift
Hooke committee calendar!

Because we love to see all of our committees together, we are making a committee calendar! This way you can cherish the fun you’ve had with your committee and others, and will never forget another birthday again. This gift is also completely free! To get one, you need to sign up below. You can also indicate wether you want your own birthday already printed on the calendar, which means more birthday wishes for ever!