Symposium Nanobiology 2023

Contagious Curiosity, spreading knowledge and enthusiasm

On the 6th of April we will host a Symposium related to the field of Nanobiology. The symposium will be held at the Theater Hall at X Tu Delft and will include a lunch beforehand and a drink afterwards for only 3.50. The theme of the symposium is: Contagious Curiosity, spreading knowledge and enthusiasm. The speakers for the symposium will be:

Fons Verbeek

Fons Verbeek is a professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science. He combines his background in biology with computer science in his research topic: image analysis, with a focus on microscopy imaging. Currently, the focus of his research group is on bio-imaging and relating the analysis of image information to other bio-molecular information resources. 


Marion Koopmans

You might know Marion Koopmans as a member of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) that advised the Dutch government during the COVID pandemic. She was also part of a team of the World Health Organization that investigated the origins of COVID-19. Primarily however, Marion Koopmans is head of the department of Viroscience at the Erasmus Medical Center. By combining her research with public functions she builds bridges between science and society. 


Tzviya Zeev Ben Mordehai

Tzviya Zeev Ben Mordehai is an associate professor at the Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research at Utrecht University. Her research group tries to uncover the molecular basis of fertilization. More specifically, they use Cryo-EM techniques to investigate membrane fusion during fertilization and proteins involved. Their findings eventually might be used to battle male infertility. 

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