Nikita Taneja Lab

Department                          Molecular Genetics

Principal investigator          Nitika Taneja

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Dynamics of chromatin re-organization upon DNA replication stress

Our lab investigates local and spatial re-organization of chromatinized replication forks in response to replication stress. We use a combination of super-resolution imaging, genomics and proteomics based approaches to understand the complex mechanisms of chromatin regulation in maintaining replication fork stability in normal as well as cancer cells.


  • Single molecule chromatin fibre technology, ChromStretch (developed & patented by the lab)
  • Next-generation sequencing technologies: Hi-C and specialized technology, Rep-HiC (developed by the lab)
  • DNA combing technology
  • Automated quantitative imaging based cell cytometry
  • Super-resolution STED microscopy
  • Biochem-based tech: ChIP, IP/Co-IP, WB, proteomics

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