SVI Lecture Drinks & Dinner form 10/10

Coming Tuesday 10th of October we will have the Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) Lecture Drinks! During these drinks someone from SVI will give an interesting talk about their work, while you enjoy a drink and your dinner. We will be serving free snacks during the talk as well!


Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) is a world renowned specialist in deconvolution and image analysis located in Hilversum. In this seminar you will learn about exciting scientific job opportunities at SVI for students with an MSc or PhD background in molecular sciences. Additionally, you will learn about state-of-the art image analysis techniques from SVI specialists that will benefit you throughout your career. We close the day with beer & snacks.

SVI provides value for society by providing better tools for life sciences. In turn, scientists use these tools to improve the human condition. As a scientific consultant at SVI you become an expert in image analysis and advise customers on how they can best use SVI tools to solve their scientific problems. A typical day consists of contacting existing or new customers, testing their data, advising on which options fit their budget and giving training. You also have a chance to visit conferences around the world.

SVI specializes in state of the art image analysis. During the seminar we will also discuss the image formation process, its properties and the associated challenges to extract scientific knowledge from your data. We highlight the whole process of experiment planning, proper data acquisition, image restoration and finally quantitative analysis to ready graphs in scientific publications. We close by mentioning some of the internship and writing assignments available at SVI.


During this talk from SVI we will order food from The Bazar (Greek & Tapas), and it will arrive at 18:30. It will cost around €8,00. Order your food here before 16:00!