Tutoring Programme

New environment, new social groups but most importantly different subjects and a different way of teaching. We have all been there in the first year of studying Nanobiology and we can safely say that at times, it was tough. But what if you had a person, whom you could contact in case you had “stupid questions” about Genetics? Or who could offer a different perspective on an Analysis exercise? To offer exactly this type of help, we present you the Tutoring Programme of Conjugacie.

What is the Tutoring Programme?

The main idea is to pair a student who passed course X (tutor) with a first-year student, who is having difficulties in the same course (tutee). After the tutor and the tutee have been matched, they should arrange a meeting where the tutee can ask questions about the subject or they can go over a problem set. This can be done either online or in person, individually or in a small group. We leave this up to the tutor and tutee! As you might have guessed, the role of our committee is to gather tutors and tutees and to match them together.

Who is a tutor?

As described previously, a tutor is a student who has already passed the course and would be glad to help. There are no other requirements. In the registration form, potential tutors can fill in the weekly number of hours they would like to spend with the tutee, the subject(s) they would like to help with or even check an option that expresses their uncertainty regarding their availability (but would like to join anyway). After filling out the form, a tutee will be matched to you after the beginning of a new octal and you will receive an email with contact details of your tutee. We will also kindly ask you to confirm your participation via an email. Then the show can begin!

Why should I become a tutor?

Besides having a great feeling from helping someone and seeing them make progress with your help, you will be solidifying your knowledge of the subject, which can be super useful for your other courses. Moreover, you are gaining volunteering experience which companies and universities appreciate in applications. You will also learn to communicate better, practice quick problem-solving and improve your presentation skills. 

Who is a tutee?

Tutee is a first-year student (or an older student retaking the course) who needs help with the preferred course and would find it beneficial to have an experienced student that can offer help and advice. You can request to be matched to a tutor by filling in the Tutee´s form below. Here you can precisely indicate how many hours per week you wish to be tutored, what subjects are problematic and the form of the tutoring (e.g. do you want somebody to explain the topic to you or would it be better to just go over the problems). You can sign up at the end of the first week of a new octal and a tutor will be matched to you at the beginning of the second week. You will receive an email with the contact details of your tutor and you will need to confirm that you wish to participate in the Tutoring Programme. Then you will be on your journey towards the results you wished for!

Why should I become a tutee?

Having an individual session with a tutor can create a safe environment in which you may ask any questions about the given subject. Even the ones you thought were “stupid”. Furthermore, having a session with your tutor should allow you to relax more, discuss the topic in more detail and consequently get a better understanding of the subject. If you would feel uncomfortable meeting in a pair, you can always take a friend with you or meet up with a smaller group if your tutor has more tutees. 

Who is Conjugacie?

Conjugacie is a brand-new committee started only previous academic year (2021/2022). Its main purpose is to make the life of a first-year student easier, for instance by creating the Tutoring Programme. If you have an idea about an event we could organise, booklet we could assemble or any other sort of help we could provide, please let us know by filling out this form (https://forms.office.com/r/XzsdBT3AkB ). In case you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at conjugacie-hooke@tudelft.nl. 

Click on the following links to fill out the forms:

Tutor form
Tutee form