Case Study COMSOL, 16-2-2023

Thursday the 16th of February we will have a Case Study by COMSOL!

COMSOL is a company that develops multiphysics software used by engineers and researchers to simulate real-world designs, devices, and processes across industries.

The Case Study will be mainly be an introduction into the COMSOL modeling software and the use of it. Beside that we are going to touch upon the topics of simulating an H-shaped microfluidic device for controlled separation through diffusion. The device puts two different laminar streams in contact for a controlled period of time. The contact surface is well defined, and by controlling the flow rate it is possible to maintain the laminar flow field and control the amount of species transported from one stream to the other through diffusion. We are then going to add surface reactions and chemical species transport to the model.

A day before the case study you will receive a two week license to use the COMSOL software. We will use this license to work with the software ourselves during the case study.

The Case Study will be from 16:00 till 18:00 and there will be free snacks present!

Only 25 places are available so sign up now! After those 25 you will be put on the waiting list.